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Re: WMEX Schedule in the 60's

In a message dated Fri, 16 Nov 2001  1:16:38 AM Eastern Standard Time, "A. Joseph Ross" <lawyer@attorneyross.com> writes:

> I believe Mel Miller was the PD at some point.  What surprises me is there was no Melvin X. 
> Melvin at that point.  I don't remember Melvin X not being there.  I do know that at least for some 
> of the time, Mel Miller was also Melvin X. 
Mel "Mile of Music" Miller and Melvin X. Melvin were not the same person.  Miller was the PD in the mid 60's.  The lineup in 1964 was...

Fenway  6-10
Mel Miller 10-12
Dan Donovan  12-4
Melvin X. Melvin Gold Platter Show 4-8
Arnie Ginsburg Night Train Show 8-10
Jerry Williams  10-1
Johnny Gardner 1-5

Gardner, by the way, was John Garabedian.  In 1965 Larry Glick replaced Gardner on the overnight.  Melvin X. Melvin - who was really JJ Jeffrey - went to Philadelphia.  Tiger Dan Donovan...the last one was really Harvey Blaine, I believe...moved to 4-8PM.  The last Fenway, who I think was really Jack Gale, left and was replaced by Larry Justice. Jerry Williams left was replaced by Steve Fredericks.  

The midday shift, which had been 12-4, became 10-2, and was held by several people over the next few years.

The Jones Boy
Ray Lynn
Dale Wheba
Bob Wayne
Charlie Tunah
Rockin' Ron Robin

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