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WJIB mentioned in magazine

The "American Bandscan" column in the October issue of =Monitoring Times= Magazine starts 
off with the following"

    Most radio these days is rather homogenized, Rock, "lite," country, talk: that's about all 
    you hear anywhere.  There are a few blatant exceptions.  Bob Fraser in Massachusetts 
    forwarded a program schedule from one of them, WJIB-740 Cambridge.  WJIB's nominal 
    format is easy listening.  (Rare enough these days!) But they also carry two hours of 
    Radio France Internationale, in French, at 7 am weekdays.  Sunday programs include 
    several hours of religious services, followed by an 11 am talk show about radio.  This 
    show features several well-known names in radio history and DXing; if you're within 
    range, you need to check it out.  This show is followed by Radio Netherlands' "Euroquest" 
    (in English), then four hours of Greek- and Italian-language programs.  After some more 
    easy listening, three hours of Allston-Brighton Free Radio is carried.  ABFR has its own 
    low-power Part 15 stations on 1630 and 1670 kHz, but WJIB gives some of their 
    programs wider coverage.

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