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If our records are correct, the latest moves leave only WNYW (Channel
5), WWOR-TV (Channel 9), WNET (Channel 13) and WNJU (Channel 47) using
the Alpine tower, with WPXN (Channel 31) using a site in West Orange,
N.J. until it can join the others at a new permanent site.

In the meantime, the folks at WCBS-TV (Channel 2) are still remaining
a step ahead of the competition when it comes to backup sites. WCBS-TV
was the only TV station at the World Trade Center to retain a
full-power backup at Empire, which paid off immeasurably when channel
2 ended up with New York's non-cable audience to itself after
September 11. 

Now we see that WCBS-TV has filed to put an auxiliary transmitter atop
the Viacom building at 1515 Broadway, just a stone's throw from the
Conde Nast building where Clear Channel's backup facilities are
housed. The roof at 1515 Broadway used to house a backup antenna for
WLTW (106.7), later reused for Infinity's WCBS-FM (101.1) and WNEW
(102.7). WCBS-TV wants to join them there with a 1000 watt visual ERP,
200 watt audio, horizontally polarized backup transmitter...just in
case. We expect other New York TVs might follow suit, this time.

Out on Long Island, WLUX (540 Islip) still wants to add a second tower
for daytime directional operation, but with a bit more power this
time. The nostalgia station, presently running 250 watts
nondirectional, already holds a CP to go to 320 watts DA-D (retaining
its present 204 watts nondirectional at night); now it's been granted
a boost to 500 watts DA-D, 204 watts ND-N.

New call alert: As Univision prepares to relaunch the former USA
Broadcasting stations with its new Telefutura network, it has new
calls lined up as well. In New York, WHSE-TV (Channel 68 Newark N.J.),
whose antenna is now the very highest point in the city (at the top of
the Empire mast), becomes WFUT(TV), while Long Island's WHSI (Channel
67 Smithtown) becomes WFTY, calls last seen in Washington, D.C. on
what's now WBDC (Channel 50).

*A quick run through CONNECTICUT finds Jessica Alex replacing Andrea
Pasquale in the midday slot on WRCH (100.5 New Britain), while we hear
that W220CE, the 91.9 translator on Avon Mountain, is relaying WWUH
(91.3 West Hartford) until it can get a clean audio feed from intended

parent WMNR (88.1 Monroe).

*RHODE ISLAND's public radio station is getting some more power by
day. WRNI (1290 Providence) upped its night power from 5 kilowatts to
10 last year; now it's received permission to boost day power to 10
kilowatts as well, still using the same three towers on Douglas Avenue.

*Infinity's consolidation is hitting home in MASSACHUSETTS, where John
Morgan exits as PD of WODS (103.3 Boston) after just over three years
at "Oldies 103." His duties get added to the plate of Greg Strassell,
who'll be doing some running across the parking lot from WBMX (98.5
Boston) next door, where he's VP of programming.

Over at the Entercom cluster, Bev Tilden returns to the vicinity of
WEEI (850), the station she once managed, as marketing director of
sister WQSX (93.7 Lawrence). Tilden will also serve as integrated
marketing director for the entire cluster.

Radio One is shuffling the lineup at WILD (1090) after afternoon jock
and music director Nikki Strong announced her impending departure for
XM Satellite Radio, where she'll do mornings for the urban "Flow"
channel. Rick Anderson will take her shift, accompanied by former WILD
morning man "Coach" Willie Maye.

Another Telefutura change: mark down WFUB as the new calls for WHUB-TV
(Channel 66 Marlborough), the station formerly known as WHSH, WVJV and

Down the Cape, airshifts are moving around at WCIB (101.9 Falmouth),
with PD Larry Egan sliding from mornings to middays and Jim Reilly
joining Shelly Stuart and Bill Lowell on wakeups. Heading west a bit,
there's a new jock lineup at WFHN (107.1 Fairhaven) in the New Bedford
market, too: Andy Burns is out on the night shift, Scott Reniche moves
from middays to nights, Christine Fox moves from mornings to middays,
and Sharon Santos of WLNE-TV (Channel 6) joins PD Jim Reitz in the

Out west, Ed Skutnik is buying WGAM (1520 Greenfield) back from Vox,
which bought the AM station and its sister FM, WRSI, from him a couple
of years ago. Skutnik has been running the station under an LMA for
quite some time now, we believe.

*Up in NEW HAMPSHIRE, Gary Savoie's Walpole Radio Partners sells
WCFR-FM (96.3 Walpole, ex-WLPL) to Vox Vermont for $200,000. Vox had
been running the station with an LMA since its debut, simulcasting
WWOD (104.3 Hartford VT).

Leif Erickson leaves his post as APD/afternoon jock at WHDQ (106.1
Claremont) to do ski reports for Sno Country Mountain Reports; he'll
still be heard on Q106 Sunday mornings with his "Beyond and Before"

*One MAINE note: Citadel has reclaimed the WCLZ call for 98.9 in
Brunswick, ex-WTPN. The station has been edging its way back to the
AAA format it used to run in its first stint as WCLZ through much of
the nineties, but it's keeping the "Point" nickname that went with the
WTPN calls. "WCLZ" had been picked up by former 98.9 owner
J.J. Jeffrey for his 95.5 in Topsham, but that station flipped to
WJJB-FM a few months back.

*Heading south again (since there's no news from CANADA this week,
believe it or not), we were about 17 minutes early on our report that
WNJO (94.5 Trenton) would be changing format last Wednesday. The flip
to classic hits ("The Hawk") from oldies did take place - but at 10:17
AM, not 10:00! No word yet on any staffing changes at the Nassau

Down in Atlantic City, WFPG (1450) has added four hours of weekday
Spanish-language music, from 10 AM to 2 PM, to its simulcast of
WFPG-FM (96.9) and its local morning show.

Another Telefutura call change: WHSP (Channel 65 Vineland), serving
the Philadelphia market, becomes WUVP. This one won't be running
Telefutura, actually; because Univision itself lacked a full-power
outlet in Cheesesteak City, channel 65 will carry the main Univision

*We begin PENNSYLVANIA's news up in the northeastern part of the
state, where Joe Reilly (aka Bobby Hatfield of Rochester's WBBF) has
installed a Christmas-music format on his WHLM (930, ex-WCNR,
Bloomsburg) while waiting to launch the station for real. 

WHLM, currently running off a temporary antenna (we believe it's at
the local school!), applied this week to build two new towers in a
field north of town on Arbutus Park Road, with plans to run 1 kilowatt
ND-D and 390 watts DA-N, protecting Buffalo's WBEN; we'll have to get
down there to see those towers go up when the time comes!

Not far away, Jules Riley (no relation to Joe!) has been named PD at
Citadel's WEOZ/WAOZ in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre market.

In the other direction down I-80, WLGL (92.3 Riverside) has been
granted a power boost from 440 watts to 930 watts.