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Arbitrends(tm) Available (Slightly Earlier It Seems)

The Arbitrends(tm) for the Boston area are available now (11/14; didn't
they previously wait till the 18th or 19th of the month to release the numbers
For Boston?  WBZ-AM up sharply...hey is something going on in the world?
Maybe it's the addition of the business hour in mid-afternoon (sorry WBIX).
WRKO-AM and WTKK-FM up slightly too, but each has a lot of baggage (Imus;
Blute; "Dr." Laura; "infomercials" ok WBZ has them too).  One recurring surprise:
the disappearance of WBOQ-FM 104.9.  Nashua's WHOB-FM 106.3 another Class A
makes a showing, but Dana Hersey has not been able to work his magic on the
North shore.
I'm sorry to see WCRB uptick slightly, but the South street Snoozer is at
least out of the Top 10 for 12-and-over (WAY over).
And of course, no WWZN sighting yet.

Laurence Glavin