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RE: Plane crash in NYC

Well, this explains everything!! I was working several Santo Domingo AM
radio stations long distance on my Radio Shack DX-398 (saltwater path)
yesterday afternoon and they kept mentioning "American Airline en Nuevo
York" in an animated fashion. Otherwise the only english words I ever hear
on the Santo Domingan airwaves are "NFL", "NBA", "Baseball", etc.... 
I had been away from any english-speaking media. Time to shift to Shortwave
radio for the NX... I'm on a ship at sea. Thanks for the comments on the
news story to clue me in while I'm away from home out of touch.

Ron Gitschier
Roving Mobile Maritime AM Monitor

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> Subject:	Plane crash in NYC
> Apparently, an American Airlines 767 has crashed in Rockaway, Queens about
> 9
> this morning.  Kennedy has been closed.
> -Larry