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MPR Camden & NHPR Jackson

An excerpt from one of the announcements aired this weekend on Maine
Public Radio:

"On Tuesday afternoon, November 13th, we expect to begin regular
over-the-air broadcasts from a new transmitter in Camden.  WMEP-FM,
90.5, from the top of Ragged Mountain in Camden should provide another
alternative along with our higher-powered Bangor and Portland stations
for those of you who reside in or drive around many areas of Knox,
Lincoln, or Waldo counties."

The sign-on is supposed to happen during a Maine Public Broadcasting
Corporation trustees meeting being held in Camden.  I'm not sure exactly
what time they expect to put WMEP on the air.

Meanwhile, over in the Granite State, some info from New Hampshire
Public Radio's latest member newsletter:

"On July 17, 2001, NHPR received permission from the Federal
Communications Commission to build a new station in Jackson.  This will
provide NHPR's programming to Jackson, Conway, Ossipee, and surrounding
towns of the Mount Washington Valley and northern Lakes Region.
Technical studies indicate that approximately 135,000 residents of the
Mount Washington Valley will be able to hear NHPR's new station in
Jackson....NHPR has received a $50,000 grant from the Department of
Commerce toward the cost of construction.  And foundations and
businesses have already contributed $70,000 during the engineering and
planning stages.  That leaves $130,000 in order to complete the
project--against a tight deadline.  The additional capital must be
raised by the end of December in order to meet the terms of the federal

The goal is to have the station on the air by January 1.  "If winter
arrives early, or there are construction delays, the sign-on could be
delayed until spring of 2002, after the snow melts."