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RE: DXing Question

I would imagine it was a Rock station.. It was Creed's new song "Sacrifice",
which is more rock than other songs. Someone gave me the idea of a station
in Poughkeepsie, and since i've got stations from there on my list, I just
added that station. There arent really many 96.9 north of here.



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Adam writes:
> Last night, I heard a radio station playing Creed on 96.9 FM. It lasted
> about 3 minutes, and I didn't get to catch an ID. Any ideas?

Could it have been WLAN-FM (Lancaster PA)? I can't think of any other CHR
stations on 96.9 between here and Springfield and I'm not sure what is north
of there. And could an FM signal travel that far in these colder-weather