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Re: WGY _Supermarkets_


I cannot talk about the history of the WGY Supermarkets, but as for what
makes a grocery store a "supermarket," it is my understanding that it has
less to do with the size of the store or the service than with the products
the establishment carries.

As you know, at first grocers got the items for you, but even after
self-serve stores came into being, they were still grocery stores. A
supermarket, though, carried items other than the typical canned and boxed
goods that a grocery store had, items that you used to get from other
sources: fresh meat (which you previously got from the butcher), baked goods
(bye bye bakery), and dairy products (so much for the milkman), for example.

If this is not correct, I'm sure someone will correct me. I am now curious
about the WGY name attached to supermarkets, too, so I look forward to Donna
or someone else responding on that issue.