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RE: Was 103.5FM...now 'Memory Lane'

We have a TV station where all announcements and stuff are done on, the Blue
House (team) runs it and I'm not on it, So i won't get an opportunity for
it. They tried to have a daily newscast for the school, but ran short of
volunteers. Funny at school we get WBZ but don't get WFSB.


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> We have TVs in every classroom but one in our school.. (The teacher in
> room got so mad he ripped the TV off the wall and broke it).. We get all
> sorts of channels at school that we don't get on cable, we have a satelite
> dish and school cable system. We have at least 1 computer in every
> classroom at my school, 25 new computers in the library and  2 computer
> rooms with 25 computers and a lazer printer.. We also have printers in
> classrooms.

Sometime over a year ago, I was on an alumni tour of my old high school
(Bedford H.S.), and it
now has large-screen TV sets and VCRs in every classroom.  I suppose that,
where we used to
see 16-millimeter movies in class sometimes, they now show videos.  I
believe the students
actually have an internal TV station, where they produce broadcasts that are
seen in classrooms.

The classroom where they teach typing now has rows of computers, instead of
rows of

The men's room where the vice principal tried to browbeat me into admitting
to something I
hadn't done looked about the same.

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