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Re: Was 103.5FM...now 'Memory Lane'

On 2 Nov 2001 at 13:02, hopfgapr@sprynet.com wrote:

> I remember that when I was in HS (1972-75), that we could not bring a
> calculator into any math classes, that was cheating....and obiously, there
> were no PCs at that time (In fact..I thinks some people called calculators
> 'computers')

We didn't even have calculators when I was in high school (1959-63).  
> Heck...if it wasn't Live on Ch 2 (WGBH-TV Boston), we didn't watch TV in
> the classroom (OH...we did watch the first couple of innings of the 1967
> World Series...back when they still played in DAYLIGHT!)..

In my high school, they set up a rather well-coordinated project to get various people to bring in 
portable TV sets so that everyone in every classroom would be able to watch the inauguration of 
President Kennedy.  The school itself had just one TV set.  Then it snowed that day and they 
called off school, so we all got to watch it at home.

They put radio coverage of Alan Shepard's sub-orbital space flight on the PA system to all 

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