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RE: Observing 890 and 900 on theAM Dial

When did WOTW leave the air in the early 80s (I assume)? I left Lowell &
Vicinity for the US Navy going on 20 years ago. I am told that it was due in
part to the landowner giving them very short notice to vacate the premises
so he could put condominiums on the site. I know they were operating under
"interim authority". I've forgotten what that term specifically means.
Authority to broadcast in the meanwhile I suppose... was it waiting for a
buyer or some kind of license review? I think the charge was double billing.
Any info on this??? I always got a kick out of the springy reverberation and
high rate of compression, and for a bit didn't catch on they were in mono
with a stereo pilot... I grew up with AM and was used to the monaural
arrangements of the hits of the later 60s and 70s.  Aaah what memories. I'm
very glad I took photos of the interior back in 1981! Unfortuantely, I
didn't take a shot of the self supporting tower AM/FM ant at the back of the
studio building. 

When did WMVU take to the air? 

Ron Gitschier

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> I remember when WMVU went on the air and tried to be a 'regional' station.
> They would actually send a reporter to Derry to cover our local issues,
> but
> alas realized the nighttime signal was inaudible. That lasted about 6
> months
> in 1993 or 4 (I forget exactly when).
> -Paul Hopfgarten
> -Derry NH