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Re: WBZ stereo?

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, Manuelian, Mark D wrote:

> We replaced the transmitter with a DX-50, and I just haven't gotten around
> to setting up the stereo...it really is a pian to do...


Will it be up someday? I guess not a lot of people in Boston have AM
Stereo radios.  I have one...here in NYC...but the damned thing's been in
a box for 4 years.  I haven't found anything worthwile to listen to to
bother with playing with the Sony SRF-42's fiddly tuning knob. It's like
trying to tune two radios with one control....I wonder if that's how
C-Quam works?  

Most of the stations here in NYC that used to broadcast
AM-Stereo either changed formats and went mono (WQEW was one such culprit
when it switched to Radio Disney 1560) or have so many commercials that it
drives me up the wall (your sister station WFAN-Sports Radio 660) trying
to sort the show from the spots.

I'm wishing for a table-model AM-Stereo radio.... I know Sony sells
one...through a grey-market website.....but it's outrageous at 200+

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