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Re: Bangor Market Morning Show

Are you familliar with the old Z-62?  I have a frien
back home who workled there back in the 80s.  His name
of the air back home in Houtlon was Jay O'Brien.  I
know that he was going to husson down here in bangor
Maybe the same person??

--- SteveOrdinetz <steveord@wavewizard.com> wrote:
>  Cooper Fox wrote:
> >
> >
> >Chuck Foster,,,,
> >
> >> I also wonder what WBZN will use as a replacement
> >> morning show?
> Wasn't he at the old Z-62 (WACZ, now WZON) in the
> early 80s?
> Speaking of Z-62 alumni, what ever happened to
> Mighty John Marshall?  I
> heard him about 10 years ago on a Bangor-area oldies
> station, but the last
> time I was up that way the station seemed to be all

Cooper Fox
   WWBX- (All new, all hit, B97.1)

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