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RE: Was 103.5FM...now 'Memory Lane'

We have TVs in every classroom but one in our school.. (The teacher in that
room got so mad he ripped the TV off the wall and broke it).. We get all
sorts of channels at school that we don't get on cable, we have a satelite
dish and school cable system. We have at least 1 computer in every classroom
at my school, 25 new computers in the library and  2 computer rooms with 25
computers and a lazer printer.. We also have printers in most classrooms.


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I remember that when I was in HS (1972-75), that we could not bring a
calculator into any math classes, that was cheating....and obiously, there
were no PCs at that time (In fact..I thinks some people called calculators

Heck...if it wasn't Live on Ch 2 (WGBH-TV Boston), we didn't watch TV in the
classroom (OH...we did watch the first couple of innings of the 1967 World
Series...back when they still played in DAYLIGHT!)..

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

Sven Franklyn Weil <sven@gordsven.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Nov 2001, Dave Faneuf wrote:

> Boy times have changed,  you've got email at school !!!  When I was in
> High School we barely had computers. (yes I know I have just dated
> myself)

We couldn't afford them when I was in elementary school (ca. 1985).  In
High School, in 1991, we were using Commodore C-64 machines that had been
in service since 1986...

Currently I'm writing this from Pentium III running Windows 2000 at work
telnetting into a 90Mhz Pentium running Linux at home. :P

Go figure.

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