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RE: Fybush.com re: core spectrum of TV channels

<Adam Rivers Wrote>

> There's no difference between DT and TV. Don't respond and tell me there
> isn't.. and there is no reason for DTV.  Here in the
> Spfd./Hartford market,
> there is only two DT stations on the air, Ch. 3 and Ch. 57


First off, cut out the arrogance, that's why people respond the way to you
they do sometimes.

Also in the Hartford Market there are two stations on the air, WTNH-DT (The
FIRST DTV on the air in this area), and WFSB-DT. And in the Springfield
Market (Yes, they are SEPERATE markets), WGBY-DT.

OK Now about your accusation comparing the two .

TV (Analog):  NTSC Standard, 2 Channels Audio (3 if you count SAP), One
Video Channel per carrier, Analog encoded, Requires significant power to get
a decent signal, 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio.

DT (Digital): 8VSB standard, 6 Channels Audio, Datastreaming, Four Video
Channels per carrier, digital encoding, requires less power to get a decent
signal, can have an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Where I work we deal with two systems, completely DIFFERENT... Digital and
Analog. In order for one to work with the other, the router MUST route
THROUGH a Digital to Analog Converter... if they are the same thing, then
why don't we just plug our digital units into the analog ones? It sure would
save us a lot of money that way!


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