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Re: Has WPLJ moved to the ERI Master antenna already?

I read that, within the past week, WPLJ moved to 
a "smaller" antanna on the ESB so that its old antenna 
on the ESB could be used by WABC-TV. This made no sense 
to me. I figured that some journalist who didn't 
understand the difference between 95 MHz and 170 MHz and 
didn't understand that TV stations have visual and aural 
antennas had garbled the story. But I guess that this 
much must be true: for about the last week, both WPLJ 
and WABC-TV have been using different antennas from 
those they had been using on the ESB. 

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> Question for anyone near earshot of NYC...
>     Has WPLJ moved up to the ERI Master Antenna on the
> Empire State Building already?  In the past two days,
> here in Hyde Park (mid-Hudson Valley, about 65 miles
> from NYC proper) I've noticed a significant signal
> improvement with them.