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Has WPLJ moved to the ERI Master antenna already?

Question for anyone near earshot of NYC...
    Has WPLJ moved up to the ERI Master Antenna on the
Empire State Building already?  In the past two days,
here in Hyde Park (mid-Hudson Valley, about 65 miles
from NYC proper) I've noticed a significant signal
improvement with them.  For at least the past week
prior to this, WPLJ has been nothing but a bunch of
inaudible hash everywhere around here (with WYJB(FM)
Albany mixed underneath), even in spots where PLJ used
to come in very strong.  Now, as of yesterday, they
are once again fairly audible in many of those
locations again.  Did they move their antenna to get
this, or is this just good ol' Mother Nature playing
tricks on RF propagation again?

                            Matt Osborne
                            Hyde Park, NY

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