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Re: Fybush.com re: core spectrum of TV channels

On Wednesday, October 31, 2001, at 07:09  PM, Keith Berman wrote:

>> First of all, digital TVs
>> aren't small.. they are extremely expensive,
> Most new technologies when they come out are extremely expensive.  DTV 
> isn't
> mandatory until 2006, that's plenty of time for the prices to go down 
> to a
> reasonable level.

Not only that, but most Congressional-imposed deadlines are extremely 
flexible.  (How about those toll hikes on the Mass Pike?)  If 
constituents see their new TV's going for $1000, or even $500, and they 
have no analog alternative, they're going to complain to their nearest 
congressman, who will quickly vote for the Low Cost Analog 
Television-For-All Act of 2006.  If digital TV's are not within 
everyone's budget, this law just is not going to take effect.