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RE: Fybush.com re: core spectrum of TV channels

At 03:34 PM 10/31/01 -0500, Sven Franklyn Weil wrote:

>I see this as a whole plot by the government, TV stations,

Hold it right there!  Since when do TV stations get a share of receiver 
sales?  Most TV stations are against this, they have to spend big bucks for 
new equipment that does not add to the bottom line.

>and TV
>MANUFACTURERS in particular to render all existing TV sets obsolete so
>you'll have to spring for new ones.  They all get cuts on the sales of
>these new sets.

That's what manufacturers do.  You don't think they'd sell their sets for free.

>Well...yes and no.  You can continue to use your analog TV set, but you'll
>have to spring for a couple of hundred dollars to get a special tuner box
>(similar to a cable box) in order to catch the digital signals.
>Once your analog TV set breaks and can't be fixed, then the electronics
>industry will have you (or your parents) shell out a few thousand for a
>new HDTV monster that will probably take up a quarter of your living room

I'm sure that when the time comes that the conversion is complete, prices 
will be much lower.  Just look at the prices of the first VCR's, and what 
they go for now.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH