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UHF (was RE: Fybush.com re: core spectrum of TV channels)

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001, Michael P Fitzpatrick Jr. wrote:

> The FCC is eliminating channels 52-69. Most broadcasters want to NOT use VHF
> 2-6 however due to interference issues. The FCC is all ready auctioning off
> the channels 52-69 to Public Safety and Communications Services.

I remember when they eliminated channels 70 to 83 and gave them over to
the cell phone companies.  the funny thing is that there are still some
analog-tuned (manually tuned) tv sets manufactured that go up to 83.

Why is the FCC doing away with THESE channels now?  Aren't there TV
stations there?  I know here in the NYC area we have 3 analog TV stations
in that band:

Channel 53, Channel 60, Channel 67 (in Long Island), Channel 68

I think Boston also has some channels down there, no?

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