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Re: Citadel gets The Point (finally?)

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001, Dan Billings wrote:

> Now I know it is popular on this list to blame the big corporations for
> everything wrong with radio, but Fuller/Jeffrey, and their management team
> that had been in the market for years, are the people responsible for
> ruining the old WCLZ.  When Fuller/Jeffrey took over WCLZ, they watered down
> the format to such an extent that they had driven off most of the old WCLZ
> listeners before the station became "The Point."  Fuller/Jeffrey killed WCLZ
> and it is Citadel that is bringing a version of the format back to the
> market.

But the ironic thing- wasn't Herb Ivy the vice poresident of Fuller
Jeffery up until the time they sold their stations to Citidel? We know he
is probably the main guy trying to do what they were doing anyway, but I
suspect he was probably also instrumental in changing it's format.

WCLZ was a great station before Fuller/Jeffery got ahold of them. My
father is a big blues fan, he was very impressed. After they changed, he
boycotted WBLM and flipped out at me one day (because I was always a blimp
fan) because of what "BLM did to CLZ". What are they doing for blues? Do
they have the all nite Saturday blues show anymore? an hour long blues
show at 5 PM every night? Wasn't the station continuing the Jazz show with
Chaz after they changed their format?

Another great station was WCDQ........a station that would actually play
Hot TUna..........I don't mind FNX at all, but I was rather dissapointed
to hear Hot Tuna replaced by Limp Biscuit and Kid ROck.....