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Re: "Let's Not Argue over 'oo killed 'oo..."

Dan stated, eloquently:
>>Questioning religious doctrine is one thing,
> but making fun of people because of their religious beliefs, as Mr. Glavin
> did in his two posts, IMHO is outside the realm of polite conversation.<<

so, what do we call 500 Lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

> > 2) The First Amendment Sucks!  (how's that for
> > oxymoronic?)
> The First Amendment is just fine.  It allows jerks like Mr. Glavin to spew
> their venom, but it also allows people to call them on it.

 Amen!  And when you pass the bar, i'll be able to pay you $200 an hour 
to defend that right for me!  (well, i can IMAGINE paying you
that much...)

Dan:  the example you've cited could very well have been extreme in
nature.  tell me, honestly, that you didn't laugh at the movie
"Airplane" when the flower-selling "religious" people were portrayed
as being beat-up-able.
   this reply is exactly what i meant by my previous post
regarding the overall tone of our posts.  sure, people are idiots.
some of us are happy in being so.  (and read NOTHING into that,
Dan.  I DID NOT call you an idiot.  because you didn't HEAR the
sound of my thoughts, i am actually calling MYSELF an idiot.
*note: explanation provided to save volumes of valuable MB space
on mail servers.)

- -Chuck Igo