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"Let's Not Argue over 'oo killed 'oo..."

so i've been watching this brawl escalate to the point 
of head-scratching.
  two things:
1) just because two people don't agree doesn't make YOU 
a bad person.  

2) The First Amendment Sucks!  (how's that for 

  the expression of ideas, agree or disagree, DOES 
belong on a radio newsgroup.  can't handle or fathom 
that?  then by all means, the DELETE button is right up 
there on the browser's toolbar.  THIS is exactly what 
broadcasters do.  and those who offend a greater number 
of people lately seem to be doing just fine, 
thankyouverymuch.  (read that as: TWO commas in the 
annual salary.)
    we've all been bloodied or bruised in the past few 
weeks.  and to those who have been directly affected, my 
sincerest condolences.  to those who've been touched by 
degrees of separation, my sympathies as well.
   i've noticed the tone on not just this list, but 
others as well, to be somewhat edgy.  as broadcasters, 
or broadcast aficionados, we need to keep our perception 
in place of what is said or written.  a reminder here to 
all:  the written word can not, in any way, regardless 
of "emoticon," convey the actual context of a note 
herein conveyed.  i may be LMAO while i type something, 
but by the time it gets to someone watching Camel's Hump 
in Vermont, the "nudge,nudge-wink,wink" can get lost in 
the ISP.  The EXACT inferential tone of a message is 
EXACTLY what broadcasters can do.  A twist of inflection 
here or a tweak there can turn a simple phrase into a 
Jack Benny-like blusher.
    and it's been very interesting to read between a lot 
of the lines in tonight's postings as well.  
interesting.  very (Artie Johnson) interesting.  but NOT 
   just my $.02.

- -Chuck Igo