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Jibguy: Don't Cancel LTAR on WJTO

Wow, talk about timing.  Two weeks ago I was in Western Massachusetts and
upstate New York, far from WJIB's mighty signal.  Based on past experience,
I assumed that the show I missed would air on WJTO today (10/28)...WRONG!
It was a rebroadcast of the last show I heard, meaning I'll have to go back
to the Seabrook, NH visitors' center on I95 N again next Sunday.  But on my 
way home I tuned to 740 for the "real time" LTAR.  During said broadcast, Bob
said he was considering dropping the rebroadcast on WJTO since he opined that
it had perhaps only ONE listener, Dan from Maine.  The only thing holding 
him back from dropping LTAR on 'JTO was the fact that WJIB listeners who
missed a show would go to coastal sites and pick up the delayed LTAR on AM 730.
That's a good enough reason to keep it on as a public service for MASSACHUSETTS
listeners.  It even presents a bracing taste of reality to the folks in the
Pine Tree State who perhaps tune in at that time to the goofy Christian
Science program that precedes LTAR.  (Hey, here's a brilliant idea:
sign up Christian Scientists to open the mail in Washington.  They claim
illness is an illusion and even if they inhale anthrax, they can pray their
way out of being affected by it!)  Anyway, if Bob ever does cancel the rebroadcast
on WJTO, then he'll just have to run a weeklong-delayed version on WJIB;
I'd drive to the Fresh Pond Shopping Center to hear an LTAR I missed even
if it's while WJIB is running with butterfly-breath power.

Laurence Glavin