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Re: ive always wondered

Garrett writes:
> In Japan, the FM band is 76 to 90 MHz, which causes problems for
> antipodean purchasers of used Japanese domestic-market cars.  In the
> former Soviet bloc, the FM band was 64 to 74 MHz, with channel spacing
> in 10-kHz increments (so one might be listening to a station on 68.45
> MHz); <snip>

How about 9 kHz spaced AM?  Is that the European standard and elsewhere? And
how does that impact on the "sound"?  I once had an aftermarket car stereo
in my Mustang II (Pinto wannabee) bomber where you could mess with switches
and convert the 10 kHz AM to 9 kHz (on a slow news day.)

Bill O'Neill