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No Subject

Or it might have been this other guy that works there whose name escapes
me, Emily's F's boyfriend......he's helping with the set up and will be
doing news for WDME once it is moved over. So it may have been himn.

I just remember hearing about how Mark Nason, the PD at WHSN, brought
Bobby Russell over some donuts one morning as a thanks for the help that
Zone Corp gave WHSN....


On Sun, 14 Oct 2001, Cooper Fox wrote:

> Acutally the machines that WHSN is using are either
> WDME or WKIT's.  I believe it is the one from WKIT
> that will soon be used to upgrade the old contraption
> they have now.
> > >Last year they were the only radio station (WHSN)
> > in Maine with Scott
> > >2000. I do not know about any other stations now,
> > but soon once WDME is
> > >relocated completely to Bangor they too will be
> > using this version of
> > >Scott.
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