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WJUL-FM 91.5 Lowell Returns to Air

Yesterday, I posted an item about the quality of the signal I was receiving from WNYE-FM
in New York while WJUL-FM 91.5 at the University of Lowell was off-the-air (as frequently
happens).  For a while this morning, 91.5 was again silent and WNYE was coming in
with somewhat usable strength, so I could listen to Brian Lehrer's talk show for a while.
Then at 11:15, a powerful unmodulated carrier came on and in a few minutes, the reading
service for thevisually-impaired WJUL usually carries on weekday mornings. 
The station continued with the readings, then at about 11:55 did an old-fashioned 
sign-on: call letters, frequency, ownership, etc.  Well so long WNYE.
No more 20th century vocal music on the radio around here.

Laurence Glavin

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