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RE: WJIB's homepage?

Scri/obh Garrett Wollman:

>But on the other hand, it only costs Harris a few cents (out of many
>$thousands) to put AM stereo in a new DX-50 or iSeries transmitter.
>So far as I know, all Harris AM transmitters made for the US market
>are stereo-capable.


True enough, on the transmitter end,  but there are not a lot of AM Stereo
receivers out in the hands, homes, and automobiles of the radio listening
public. That probably alas makes it not worth the bother for the

I have one of those walkmans Sony used to make had had an AM stereo decoder
in it, but Sony pulled that from production sometime ago. As of last year,
however you could still buy the Sony at Circuit City.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)