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RE: Osama or Usama?

The BBC reports it as Usama, also reported in the downloadable document from
the British government that offers proof that bin Laden did it.


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> Subject: Osama or Usama?
> Something that caught my interest, I am at work, my shift is winding down,
> and I am checking out some of the various news web sites to see if there
> are any news updates. Every news agency from the best of my knowledge
> spells Osama bin Laden just as I typed it. However, foxnews.com seems to
> insist on spelling it Usama bin Laden. Are both correct, or is foxnews on
> crack?
> The more I watch foxnews, the more they seem to be very opinionated,
> however they claim to provide the best news coverage.......news coverage
> wise I can't seem to see too much of a difference between any of the
> various news services on cable and online, I find out new info from all of
> them, however I detect foxnews offering opinions more often then any
> others.....
> Jeremy Mixer