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Re: The End

Adam Rivers wrote:

>Now that we have ended the controversy from the attacks and everything, I
>want all personal attacks on me ended, and I will end all personal attacks
>on others.

Adam, I'm glad you stuck around and I think you'll have a lot to 
contribute to our group here. But I do have one request for you and for
a few others who participate in this list:

Notice how I didn't quote your entire message, Adam -- just a few 
relevant lines? It's called "trimming," and it's more than just a 

Some of us (myself included) read this list in digest form, meaning that
we receive batches of anywhere from 6 to 20 b-r-i messages as a single

Every time you respond to someone else's post and quote the entire post,
including headers and, often, another post that was itself being quoted,
we have to wade through all of that to get to the next message. 

It takes only a second or two to trim your quoted material (or eliminate
it completely), and it saves a lot of time for the people reading the 
list. If you don't know how to trim your messages, please contact me
or Garrett off-list and we'll be happy to explain how to do it.

Thanks for your attention to this little matter of list etiquette. I'll
now step down from my "founding deputy moderator" ad hoc soapbox and
return to carping about other things...

-s, wondering why WHAM was carrying NBC-TV audio, of all things, tonight