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RE: attacks on Afghanistan have begun

At 03:35 PM 10/7/2001 -0400, Adam wrote:
>UPN 38 is carrying CBS live coverage, but Channel 3 Hartford has the Pats
>game on. (which, by the way, isnt a good one for Pats fans.. 27-10 Miami..

What I noticed was:  WBZ Radio did wall to wall coverage, joining CBS news 
immediately.  WEEI, which didn't have the Patriots game (it's on WBCN), 
switched over to CNN audio.  Channel 4 stayed with the Patriots game, but 
channel 5 and channel 7 joined their networks.  On FM, Kiss 108 kept on 
playing music, as did several other music stations.  (I would imagine this 
sort of event is especially tough for the weekend crew, none of whom are 
trained to make these decisions, plus most music stations only do news in 
AM drive during the week anyway...)