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Re: attacks on Afghanistan have begun

> For those near a radio or TV, US military actions have begun in
> Afghanistan.  Australia, England, France and Canada have sent troops along
> with US troops to launch the action, according to CBS radio news... (I'm
> listening to WBZ)

I notice that the CBS affil. WCAX Burlington staying with the ballgame for
the most part.  Always a tough call as to when to go with the network feed
of events or letting the "band play on" as it were.  Something refreshing
about knowing that times have changed so much that our definition of the
basis for "wall-to-wall" has changed, as well.

I heard that there was a minor earthquake near LA this morning.  How'd you
like to turn on the set to seeing the allied attack and feel the rumble in
US  urban center #2?

Bill O'Neill