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Re: Emmys...not

Cooper asked:
How much coverage are the satelite networks giving to
the attacks?  Is there much video?  Or is it all
anchors yacking with "experts"??<<

   at the onset, there was some "night time" video from Kabul with flashes
of explosions and the requisite ground-to-air tracer fire.   every network
that i saw went wall-to-wall (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox) and were still
on it when i left the station this afternoon.  oh, and precious network air
time was given to the finger-wagging video from bin Laden, et al, in their
angry responses to the American attacks.  amazing how well prepared they
were, since the video was obviously recorded long before the night time
first wave.  the sun high in the mid day sky was a dead giveaway.  maybe the
"news service" that provided that video should just save us all some time
and grief and roll the "concession speech" now.
   yes, lots of anchors and lots of experts, and a few live statements
including President Bush as well as Defense Secretary Rumsfeld.
   actually, CBS radio had a reporter in the hills with the Northern
Alliance fighters some 20 miles outside of Kabul (?) or perhaps Kandahar...
regardless, she was on a phone doing a live thing at 1am Afghan time, but i
was most struck by the almost whisper in which her report was delivered.
what price the story?  if the reporter is following the story, great.  but
being thisclose to the action is not necessarily a good career move.  anyone
seen Arthur Kent or Peter Arnett lately?

for Bill O:
   The Dick Van Dyke thing is funny.  although we're now privileged on our
little street as the new young couple who just purchased the house on the
corner are "Rob and Laura."
  (no, the house doesn't have a rock in the basement...)

- -Chuck Igo