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Re: [TheNewWar] Re: Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy

Good morning Joe and others,

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001 varulven@webtv.net wrote:

> where is your sense of humor.  As stated

I don't think a sense of humor has anything to do with trying to get a 13
year old kid in trouble for an honest mistake that he apoligized for
within minutes of making.

I also want to say that after re-reading my comments, I was a little
harsh, and I do apoligize for that. I however, have not changed my opinion
on the matter.

> on the Boston Radio group - it was not
> the actions of the child that upset me as
> much as the PLETHORA of response to
> it, filling up my mailbox to the point  I had to  unsubscribe

And you blame it on Adam? It was all of the people bitching about it that
caused the huge response. There are such things as email filters and a
delete key, and on any unmoderated forum sometimes they are necesarry.
Discussion on a mailing list is subject to what the participants on the
list discuss. And if irrelevent material is being discussed, there will be
people asking for it to stop. But I have not seen any mailing list which
is not moderated in which these discussions do not occur, and I usually
just roll my eyes and hit my delete key. I ahve benen participating in
internet discussion groups since I was 15 years old, and I am 23 now. You
unsubscribed and now the topic is done and over with, it's old news, it
blew over just like everything else.

> Like - why would I want to post on a group
> I unsubscribed from?   If any proof was
> needed that unsubscribing was a good thing, Garret's letter was it!

Good question. :)
> Why would anyone waste time suing
> some kid's guardians over two e mails
> when there are bigger issues at hand -
> like the corruption at AT&T that I've
> spent five years investigating (now those
> people I have sued!  Cambridge just
> got a settlement from AT&T - they are
> SO corrupt).
> I have much bigger fish to fry, Jeremy!

I don't know, you tell me.....you seemed so adamant and determined to file
a lawsuit against his parents...... I was expecting to get a call from
20/20 asking for my observations :)

take care,