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RE: ID Cities

The 6:30PM identification on WPTZ read:  "Plattsburgh - North Pole - Burlington"
There are others in the pipeline that read: "Plattsburgh - North Pole - Burlington - 
Montreal", although, under Hearst-Argyle ownership, the seeming necessity to latch 
on to the "Big City" an hour north as some sort of internal identity crisis has lessened, 
a mantle taken up, though, by WFFF Fox Burlington, with Montreal a consistent part 
of any and all IDs.

Stephen Pickford
Host/Executive Producer -- Travel World Radio Show

On 4 Oct 2001, at 18:20, Adam Rivers wrote:

> i found North Pole, NY in my National Geographic Road Atlas. It's ion  a
> little unnamed road in hilly terrain (the geographic atlas is shaded,, very
> good atlas.. About 15 miles ENE of Saranac Laked and near Lake Placid. It';s
> off Rt. 86.. plattsburgh's probably about 50 mi away
> ~adam
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> > but is there a North Pole, NY?
> I couldn't find that place in my AAA Road Atlas,
> but when I typed "North Pole, NY" into Yahoo!Maps,
> I found it was a little village near Wilmington, NY.
> I could sort of visualize where it is, as I remember
> driving through Wilmington on my way to Lake
> Placid once. "North Pole, NY" is probably about as
> big as the village of Moscow in Stowe, VT (maybe
> even smaller...)
> And speaking of IDs, Albert Brooks had an album
> called "A Star is Bought" which focused on his
> attempts to "sell" his album to different types of
> radio audiences. At the end, there was an ID you could
> use. "Hello, this is Albert Brooks. Whenever I'm
> in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, this city, I listen
> to the good sounds of W...to the good sounds of K..."
> and then you'd hear different letters on each speaker.
> With some editing, you could get an ID out of that...
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