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Re: ID Cities

--- Chuckigo@att.net wrote:
> but is there a North Pole, NY?

I couldn't find that place in my AAA Road Atlas,
but when I typed "North Pole, NY" into Yahoo!Maps,
I found it was a little village near Wilmington, NY.
I could sort of visualize where it is, as I remember
driving through Wilmington on my way to Lake
Placid once. "North Pole, NY" is probably about as
big as the village of Moscow in Stowe, VT (maybe
even smaller...)

And speaking of IDs, Albert Brooks had an album
called "A Star is Bought" which focused on his
attempts to "sell" his album to different types of
radio audiences. At the end, there was an ID you could
use. "Hello, this is Albert Brooks. Whenever I'm
in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, this city, I listen
to the good sounds of W...to the good sounds of K..."
and then you'd hear different letters on each speaker.

With some editing, you could get an ID out of that...

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