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Re: Long Time Listener, First Time Caller (was: RE: USAffairs)

Ben wrote some clear things, and finished with:
>>I'm gonna hang up and listen to your answer now. :)<<

of course, Ben, due to the seven second delay, you neglected to turn down
your monitor, which, as we all know leads the DD866 to wind up in the
shallows of the Cooper River again... (oops, now I did it... blended two
newsgroups into one... )

   but on a serious note:

Joe Vig wrote:
>>Good old Mike Fitzpatrick Jr.  Just when
we all thought the problem was solved,
he puts his two cents in and exacerbates
the problem.  God help us.<<
>>Put a fork in it Mike, you are, as usual,
a day late and a dollar short.<<

    i am not even going to come close to playing a moderator's role here.
however, keep your venom to yourself, sir.  there's really no room here for
the level to which i've seen things escalate.  i am aware that you have a
couple of issues with the way Mike Fitzpatrick moderates another boston
radio info-type list.  and you do occasionally come off as, let's say,
    with you being "new" to this list, and having seemingly become a new fan
of "LTAR," ( a note i observed on the "other" list) i simply pass on the
suggestion to keep it friendly, not unlike the great radio discussions you
hear on Bob B's show.  "biting sarcasm" is always welcome, but save the
quasi-hatred, okay?

- -Chuck Igo