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The Analog Channel 19 Is Back...WCEA-LP Apparently

A few days ago, I mentioned that WGBH-TV was introducing a documentary in letter-box
format that it could be viewed in full-screen and HDTV on channel 19.  But over the years
I have been able to receive a feeble analog station on that channel.  Well, that feeble 
analog channel is back for now, but on my table-top TV with amplified rabbit-ears
antenna, I can only SEE but not hear a black-and-white picture that sometimes rolls up depending
on where I stand.  I did a search of fcc.gov, and this appears to be WCEA-LP with 
transmitter atop the Pru, just above the half-empty "Top of the Hub" grubbery.
My theory is that the "Evolution" HDTV simulcast was a trial run of WGBH-DT,
I hope with prior  arrangement with WCEA-LP.  The latter will probably have to move
when the 'GBH DTV facility goes into full use.

Laurence Glavin

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