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Re: USAffairs??

> He already DID apoligize, you people are taking this waaay too far. ...
> For God's sake the kid is 13, he is a lot smarter and more mature then
> most kids his age, and he shares a common interest with the rest of us,
> and makes valued contributions to many of the discussions. He made a
> mistake, why abn him?

Amen and thank you.

Please keep in mind that we are making available to him something that most
of us on this list would have given our right arms for at his age; a chance
to listen and talk to real professionals in the industry talking truthfully.
Since the Internet did not exist when most of us were 13 (for some of us,
I'm not sure telephones did either (ducking)), the chance to be a fly on the
wall and get a real look at the business just wasn't there. Let's encourage
the next generation of radio people.

Adam made a goof.  He apologized and corrected it immediately.  It's time to
forgive and get on with life!

Just my $0.02 (to steal a tagline from another poster).

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