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RE: USAffairs??

He already DID apoligize, you people are taking this waaay too far. He
accidentally added the lists address to the invite file which subsequently
subscribed boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org. We were not all
subscribed individually but as members of this list.

For God's sake the kid is 13, he is a lot smarter and more mature then
most kids his age, and he shares a common interest with the rest of us,
and makes valued contributions to many of the discussions. He made a
mistake, why abn him?

On Sun, 30 Sep 2001, EM1 GITCHIER wrote:

> Although I realize this is not a democratic body, I'd say to let him explain
> what he did, and if he apologizes, give him one more chance. Think of how
> many of us as younger folks were enamored with radio, etc... If he persists,
> then may those in charge take thier next step. Since it seems that we were
> all subscribed, an apology is in order.
> Ron Gitschier
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> > Right on!
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> > Gary wrote:
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> > > I think it is time for an minimum age limit to be applied to our list.
> > This
> > > is not Romper Room or Kiddie Time - it is for current and former radio
> > > professionals.
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> > > -g
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