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Re: wzlx

During the 7 years I was the Marketing Director at WZLX, I was a big fan of that sublimnal sound. They got rid of it in trying to sound as dull as they currently are...The effect was on cart and was created from an early video game sound, slowed down and layered. I believe Mike Coleman at WBZ-AM has the tone somewhere. 

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From: "Rob Walker" <rwalker@gccbend.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 15:51:35 -0700

A few quick questions for the group.
WZLX used to run a "tone sweep" as a signature sound between the frequency
and the call letters in their slogan. "100.7 (tones) WZLX".
Does anyone have a copy of this they I can download, or that they can email
Do you know if it was recorded on a cart that the jock played, or if it was
a tone generator in the console that produced the sweep when the jock pushed
the button?
I've been curious for a while...


Rob Walker

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