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Re: 1690 pirate?

<<On Tue, 25 Sep 2001 19:51:50 -0400 (EDT), Stanton <pluto@4motion.org> said:

> On Tue, 25 Sep 2001 RokprtMike@aol.com wrote:
>> Haitian is French

> Actually, it's Krey˛l, which is a distinct French dialect at the very
> least,

Actually, it's a creole.  (From the French word meaning ``native''.)
The structure of most creoles is fairly similar, regardless of the
language they are based upon.  Haitian creole sounds like French
because it incorporates much French vocabulary -- albeit phonetically.
There are English-based creoles in east Asia, where the term is usually
``pidgin'' (from a Tagalog corruption of ``business'').  I'm certain
that there used to be Dutch-based creoles as well, and may still be.