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Re: "WBZ Boston, USA"

Joe P wrote:
I Don't like when they 'name' "war programming".<<

Amen to that.  I know that we've already grimmaced at 
the fact that the tv networks all flashed graphics, 
music and voice overs before the noon hour tolled on 
9/11.  i think that the stations and networks need to 
return to their normal positioning statements as well, 
as Joe pointed out.  however... i can't think of one 
that would make such a move first.  
     we hear so much about the impact of all of this on 
our young children.  i've already tried, without 
success, to impart upon my 8 year old that we're not at 
war with another country.  we're at war with an idea.  
when all is said and done, there'll be no land to divide 
or loot to split.  hopefully what will come from this is 
a new understanding of all people.  those who committed 
the acts of Septemeber 11 were, and are, devoted to 
their cause.  their sense of what is right and just is 
somewhat different than ours and the rest of the 
world's.  so i am very much in favor of losing the "WAR" 
graphics and music and big voice intros.  otherwise, 
our's will be a family that will soon join the growing 
legions of SpongeBob/SquarePants fans.  (we're already 
hooked on Pinky and the Brain, even though Brain wants 
to try and take over the world.)

and for Donna:  there's nothing jingoistic about being 
proud of where we are.  i find the "sudden realization" 
by broadcasters of where we are (USA) more 
reprehensible.  other than WKLB or WOKQ, who else was 
playing anything nearly patriotic? (example being Lee 
Greenwood's "God Bless The USA")  I do note that 107.5 
WTHT up here in Portland is among a handful of stations 
who have had a long-standing practice of playing our 
National Anthem at noon each day.  am i saying that 
every station in America should be formatting their 
product to address the Patriot in all of us?  no.  
(besides, look what being a Patriot did to Drew this 
weekend... get well soon.  we need you!!!) i do think 
that there's nothing wrong with showing our colors on a 
regular basis.
   i'll also make note that before the run on the local 
Wal-Mart, i've proudly flown the flag of the United 
States of America for many years from the front of my 
home.  So much so that we've already done one 
replacement, complete with the proper, ceremonial 
disposal service conducted by our South Portland 
American Legion.  and i know there are many others who 
have, and continue to do so, proudly, without a 
jingoistic thought having been given beforehand.

- -Chuck Igo