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Re: national v nationalist

On 20 Sep 2001, at 13:27, Dave Faneuf wrote:

> Using that line of thinking then I would be a "Massachusetts National", and
> you can add Virginia and perhaps Nevada? to that list since those states
> are actually "Commonwealths" and not States as in "The State of New
> Hampshire".  I'm not going to criticize the CIA at this point, however it
> would be nice to think that they know the difference between a sovereign
> nation and a Commonwealth of the United States wouldn't you agree?

The word "commonwealth" doesn't have one strict meaning and is used 
for a number of purposes, from "Commonwealth of Australia" to the 
British Commonwealth to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  The four 
states which call themselves commonwealths are Massachusetts, 
Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky.

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