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Re: the Clear Channel list

Regarding the list of songs which Clear Channel
stations are supposedly being told to "stay away
from" during this time: the Wed. edition of the Lowell
Sun has a Dan Phelps column on the matter
(http://www.lowellsun.com). Also just heard some
discussion about the "banned song list" on WTKK's
"John and Jeff Show" (syndicated).

The Phelps column wonders why "Jump" and "What a
Wonderful World" made the list. Well, I guess one
piece of footage from the World Trade Center disaster
showed a couple, hand in hand, jumping from the
burning structure to certain death. As for the
Louis Armstrong tune, I know that it's used in
the movie "Good Morning Vietnam" in an ironic
way: as Louis sings of wonderful things, there
are scenes of bombings and people being shot.

(And BTW, I think the movie supposedly takes place
in '65 but the song came out in '68. At the end
of the scene it cuts to Robin Williams, as Adrian
Cronauer, saying, "yeah, the great Satchmo",
implying he's just played the song on-air. Even
though the song didn't come out till three
years later.)

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