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Fwd: Re: Neil Sullivan

I worked with Neil Sullivan at WOCB on Cape Cod.  Summer 1980, IIRC. A Sconnix station at the time.

In 1984 I hired him as a weekender at 14WFTQ/Worcester. The Weather Station.  I was also able to put in a good word for him when was applying for the PD gig at what had been my very first radio station, WMRC/Milford. The Wonderful World of GOOD Music. None of that bad stuff. Neil got the PD job.   

Later we crossed paths again in Syracuse. Early 1987. I was the outgoing PD at Y94FM - on my way to Mix 106.5/Baltimore - and Neil was the incoming PD at crosstown rival 93Q.

The last time I saw Neil was in the backstage food court at Kiss Concert 20 in June 1999.  He was just leaving the New Jersey job at the time.

It's always sad to hear about a contemporary passing away - for whatever reason - at such an early age.