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Re: Local Political Coverage

On 2 Sep 2001, at 11:27, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> I agree.  How many times do we bear witness to a leading cast story that
> has little or no impact on 600,000 people or even a fraction thereof?  As
> for keeping off the rif-raff election activity, lowrest rates on the card
> at a top station would still be a significant enough "filter" for even most
> dog-catcher candidates to go whelping-off down the campaign trail.  
Right.  No Town-Meeting candidate will spend even the lowest rate for 
radio ads.  I think the most I ever spent on a Town Meeting race was 
$80.00.  I thought that was too much, but it was a hotly contested race 
that year.

On the other hand, I hear that in 1994, the last time we had a contested 
race for Town Moderator in Brookline, the winning candidate spent about 
$20,000 of his own money.  But he's probably wealthy enough that this 
would have been small change to him.

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