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Re: Local Radio News (Was Re :Manchester, NH 7-5-0 AM Coming to a radio dial near you?

On Thu, 30 Aug 2001 18:15:55 -0400 "Mark Watson" <markwats@mediaone.net>
>   Dave Faneuf wrote:
>   A few of the names from the  Lowell radio newsrooms of the past 
> that I can
> recall off the top of my head:
>   WCAP: Fred Faust, Bill Smith, Scott Fybush, Mary Blake, Joe 
> Abrams, and
> Dave Faneuf of course ( 2 tours of duty at 243 Central St, as well 
> as his
> tour at WLLH).

Actually I also did 2 tours of duty at WLLH
>   WLLH: Tom Clayton, Ron Gamache, Bill Haddock, Al Freeman,  Brian 
> McCarthy
> and Win Damon.

Don't forget Rosemary Lappin who is now an executive at WCVB TV

>   I can tell you that a few of these folks named above went on to 
> bigger
> markets after their stay in Lowell. Al Freeman was with Mutual/NBC 
> radio
> news for many years, where is he now I wonder? 

Al Freeman currently works for CBS Radio (or whatever incarnation remains
of the CBS Radio Network)

> Out of the radio biz: Fred Faust (now involved as co-owner of a 
> commercial
> real estate/ development firm in Lowell), 

Fred for years worked for former Congressman and Senator Paul Tsongas
before getting involved in commerical real estate