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Re: Bangor TV news

Okay, that was a rough draft; *this* is what I meant to send:

That's Gannett as in USA Today; in other words, another faceless corporate
owner in the Hearst-Argyle mold.  Not to be confused with Guy Gannett, the
former family owners of the Portland Press Herald, Maine Sunday Telegram,
WGME-TV etc.  Actually Channel 2 used to be owned by the Rines-Thompson
family, who also owned WCSH-TV and Radio.  They sold out Channels 2 & 6
(WCSH/970 was sold many years before that) to McBroadcasting in 1998,
ostensibly because they didn't want to deal with the expense of converting to
digital.  I always thought that was a crock.

Take care,