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Somewhere I have a little 5" reel with a couple of WHEB jingles from the
1960's on it.

"WHEB, Portsmouth...the talk of the town..."

"Your Knight Quality Station" (then voicer with Howie Leonard)...This is
WHEB at 750 on your dial and WPFM, WHEB's FM affiliate at 100 point 3,
Portsmouth, NH).

And two news intros...........(jingle open)  "This is the place for accurate
news.....WHEB......" music fx out....

and the FM version...."This is the place for accurate news" (music themes up
and out)....no call letters

I also have some pics of Jeff Bates (used to do afternoon drive) at the WHEB
master control board (circa 1967 or 68)  and the WPFM console (a four
channel Collins remote board).

-gary francis
the final Saturday Night Sock Hop of 2001 is THIS saturday night, Sept 1,
7 - 10 at Gary's Ice Cream and live on WCAP AM980